Study case

Wayfinding App

  • NSW Trasport
  • 2019
  • Way finding app
  • UX Research

Nowadays, in digital era, most passengers expect ease and efficiency in transit and transactions when purchasing ticket . If a public transport is confusing, they tend to choose other options (order taxi, drive a car).

Digital solutions offer new opportunities to provide a frictionless, useful and enjoyable passenger experience—from trip planning to destination.

Project introduction

Researches revealed several problems in Sydney public transport. This part is focusing on Sydney public transport and way-finding. The proposed solution should ease navigation across the city for everyone (tourist, disabled people and locals as well).

UX Challenges

The main challenges in this project were bus and train unexpected delays, people getting confused about train lines and navigation through Central station. As well as frequency of public transport and display of interesting parts of the city for travelers.

UX Goals

The goal was to create an Smart transport App with augmented reality to help people to find their way around the city. This app should also provide local tips for sight seeing and estimate of fare and travel time.


Marital status: Single
Origin: Germany

John is passionate about photography and skateboarding. As a digital freelancer he has a luxury to work when and where he wants, so its fits his traveler life style. He enjoys getting to know new cultures and its habits. He is convinced taking a public transport is part of the experience, but he does not enjoy getting lost during his travels – mainly because he has usually planned out whole trip ahead and can not afford delays.

“I am in Sydney only for a short period of time, so I need to get around without any trouble.”

John MawerickArchitect
  • Not knowing where and how to buy travel ticket, loosing his valuable time
  • Not knowing where should he catch a train or bus to his destination
  • Catching incorrect train or bus
  • Being able to plan journey
  • Easy access to information
  • Buying / Top-up travel card without stress


The online survey was conducted to find out what are the most significant pain points in Sydney Public Transport. The 50 people who did attend the study were in an age group in between 18 to 44 years, and a majority of them were students. Around 70% of participants are from overseas but currently living in Sydney. The most of the people are using public transport 1-5 times per week.

People with disabilities

There is an high importance to pay attention to disabled individuals as the way-finding is difficult as it is. Therefore, the MyWay App come with voice over feature to ease traveling for blind and vision impaired. As well as tips for people on wheelchair for accessible entrances. 

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